Reunited with my Wide-leg Jeans

They’re popping up everywhere, taking place of super skinny silhouettes and giving their wearer a taste off freedom–not to mention the casual, cool sensibility they lend to her look. Wide-leg pants are back and I have to say, I’m pretty happy about it. Although the extra swaths of fabric in fact made me feel a little encumbered at first, I quickly got into step with the more generous proportions. I could never give up skinnies–not now at least but as I wrote that, I had a flashback to when I was a kid, telling my parents I would never wear bell-bottoms, only to eat my words a couple years later when that was the silhouette. So maybe I will give up skinnies one day, but for now they remain a staple in my wardrobe only to be replaced by my wide-legs once a week or perhaps more as the weather warms up? Time will tell.


Gap jeans (old but love these) | Express lace tee (recent) | Zara sandals (old but similar) | Alimonada spike necklace





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