Wardrobe Consulting Services

As an experienced stylist, fashion blogger, and wardrobe consultant, I have spent my life scanning the aisles for just the right thing. As a result, I have an extensive mental catalog of “what’s in store,” that I leverage, along with my eye for cut, colour, and style, to help clients edit their existing wardrobes into closets full of functional and fashionable outfits.

I have also written about fashion and lifestyle topics for a variety of national publications including huffingtonpost.ca. todaysparent.com, and Sharp Magazine.

Woman at searching through closet to do a wardrobe audit

Wardrobe Consulting Services

I worked with Roslyn as a wardrobe consultant online and in person and it was lovely! Online, she knew exactly what I wanted and sent me a few suggestions. The process was quick and painless. In person, it was like chatting with a girlfriend and she was able to find me a selection of pieces (dresses, shoes, shirts) that go together nicely as well as work with my existing wardrobe. As a mom herself, Roslyn understands the types of clothes moms need to be in (comfy/ high waisted for play time), but she’s able to find pieces that are stylish and can bring me to a dinner with girlfriends after a play date in the park.
– Christine Kwok

Every service starts with a complimentary consultation where we discuss your answers to the Style Questionnaire. We can arrange for a 20 minute in-person or phone meeting (online shopping consults are always over the phone but otherwise I prefer to meet in person so I can get a better sense of your personal style!), where we will discuss your wardrobe needs more specifically. From there, you can book one of the following:

Online Personal Shopping

Based on the answers to your Style Questionnaire and our follow-up conversation, I shop a variety of online stores (with good shipping and return policies!). Then I send you links to the items I have selected for you to purchase online (I will check stock for your size before I send a particular item to you). Simply buy the items you like and wait for your postman to drop off the goods. It’s shopping without ever having to leave your couch!

$100/hr; 1.5 hour minimum (Final price depends on the number of items you need me to source.)

In-store Personal Shopping

Let’s go shopping together! Learn what to look for and what stores to target for your specific needs by shopping with me.

Alternately, if shopping isn’t your thing, I make the process quick and painless by pre-selecting items for you to try on so all you have to do is meet me at your fully-stocked change room and walk away with pieces that flatter and fill the gaps in your closet.

*Please note: I’m not affiliated with any retail brands so there will never be pressure to buy. If opening your eyes to a new silhouette or colour is all you walk away with, then that’s fine, too!

$150/hr; (please allow approximately 3 hours for our appointment)

Wardrobe Audit

I meet you at your house to “shop” your closet, putting together new outfits from your existing wardrobe (sometimes a pair of fresh eyes and a few easy styling tips is all it takes!), weeding out the items that are ready for donation. I will make purchase recommendations for you based on the perceived holes in your wardrobe.

$150/hr; minimum 2 hours (Final price depends on the size of your wardrobe.)

Wardrobe Audit + Online or In-store Shop

I will shop your closet and can help find the pieces I recommend as a result, through either an online or in-store shop.

Wardrobe Audit + Online Shop  $450

Wardrobe Audit + In-store shop $650

Contact me to discuss any of my services:

If you need help with something style-related but it’s not listed as a service, get in touch! I love to talk shop(ping), so don’t be shy!