Zara sandals; Costa Blanca cropped pants; Gap tank; Forever XI satchel pendant; Winners bag I got everything I’m wearing for a steal! The pants are a new purchase from the Costa Blanca store in the underground on Bloor. The store is closing so everything is on for 40% off the original price. Costs Blanca’s shady return policy (they basically don’t have one), and their less than stellar quality usually keep me away but I couldn’t resist these cheap and chic pants for $15. At that price I won’t lose sleep

Husband’s Neil Young t-shirt; Betsey Johnson sunglasses; and Gap straw hat. On Viggo: Gap v-neck t-shirt; H&M straw fedora If you’re like me, when it comes to T-shirts you’re on a perennial hunt for The One. My search has taken me everywhere from stylemint to Joe Fresh, and while I’ve scored some tees that are on permanent rotation in my closet, I’ve yet to find a tee that boasts the perfect neckline and that worn-in, airy thin-ness, in a neutral shade. So the search continues, but in the meantime I

In March my life completely changed. My husband and I welcomed our amazing baby boy, Viggo, and he is now my trusty sidekick when it comes to all things retail. Together we’ve clocked thousands of kilometers on his CityMini, hoping to strike sartorial gold (without having to spend it!). Lucky for us, this winter has been mild and on the few days that have actually been inclement, Viggo has soldiered on, taking in the sales—I mean sights—from behind the safety of his clear plastic weather shield. He’s every shopper’s dream

So I have this here blog and I feel like the first post should be the obligatory personal style post. I, like I imagine most other people do as well, have a guttural reaction to certain cuts or fabrics—things that just make me hum. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a penchant for baggy tops but—I have to say it—I was doing baggy long before Rachel Zoe handed LiLo a shirt with batwing sleeves to pair with her oversize Balenciaga. I was the kid who thought Dorothy was

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