My mama was in town from NF this weekend so we went for a walk along the waterfront. The heat kept me from wearing something more elaborately planned but it was HOT! I decided to break out some oldies and so I wore a lingerie camisole-come-tank top that I bought about five years ago at Urban Outfitters, my faithful cutoffs, and older sandals from Browns. Sometimes it’s nice to pull out old stuff that I barely wear. It makes me feel like I’ve got something new again. Urban Outfitters camisole;

Last night my husband’s band, Old World Vulture released their new album, Trophy Lovers, at the Garrison here in Toronto. Old World Vulture takes the stage I wore black waxed jeans from Zara that I bought in the spring on sale for $19, a Gap tank, my denim vest , Aldo shoes from SS’11, and necklaces from Betsey Johnson and Banana Republic. My favorite detail about what I wore was that my jeans had zippered ankles. My friend and fellow new mom, Kim, demonstrated that a vintage rock tee pairs

Lately, as a means of exercise, I have been taking Viggo on long afternoon walks (or marathons, as I’ve started referring to them). We’ve taken lengthy strolls since the week I brought him home from Sunnybrook, but none as far as the harbour, which has been our destination of choice for the last month or two. Not only do I love being near the water, but Viggo gets a kick out of the ducks, the boats and all of the dogs, plus Mr. Hunter works down there so it makes

H&M dress; denim vest from ForeverXXI; Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses; Zara sandals Detail: Expression and Material Girl bracelets Well, I can cross denim vest off my wish list. I chose to forego the more expensive vest that I really wanted for this cheaper version from the Plus size section at Forever XXI! I spotted it and didn’t even realize I was in the Plus section. I didn’t want a short, tight hoochie vest though, and the proportions of this one seemed right, so I bought it. I’ll be happy

When I first saw the Aldo Rise collection for SS12, I liked all of the designers’ creations but I wasn’t in LOVE with any of them. As the summer has progressed however, the striped Weatherbeeby JW Anderson has found its way onto my must have list. And my timing couldn’t be better. The fringe-tastic shoe is now on sale for $77 and I would feel totally justified in spending the money because I’m a firm believer that the shoe makes the outfit. These suckers could elevate a white tee and

I’ve had fragrances come in and out of my life but none have ever literally stopped me in my tracks the way Cleopatra by Tocca has. I pause mid-step just to get a whiff of myself. It’s completely narcissistic but it is that intoxicating to me. It’s what I imagine catnip must be to a cat. Anyway, I discovered it one day a couple of weeks ago while I very uncharacteristically perused the perfume cabinet at Anthropologie as a means of avoiding the temptation all around me. Yeah, I’m a

Since Viggo came into our lives, Mr. Hunter and I have had plenty of opportunities to go out without him. When we’re visiting Niagara, both of our moms are more than happy to take him for the evening and we’ve taken advantage, but here in Toronto our options are slimmer–mainly just my sister and brother-in-law. The only problem is that if they have him, we can’t go out with them so it’s not often that we can all go out together. This past Saturday however, my cousin offered to babysit

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