So after all my talk about graphic black and white as a means of pulling together a room, I purchased this rug from Homesense: Sorry about the crappy photo but there was a flock of people around it and this was the best I could do without catching one of said shoppers in the frame. Why, you ask, would there have been a lot of shoppers looking at that rug? Well it is a 8×10, hand-knotted, wool rug and it was on clearance for $190 (regular $400 Homesense price and

Gap skimmer jean; old H&M tank; old Club Monaco acrylic necklace; the ubiquitous Forever XXI denim vest and Zara sandals; Winners clutch Dogeared gold dipped necklace; vintage pocket watch chain with snake ring; and old Club Monaco acrylic beaded necklace

Ahhhhh. That’s a sigh of relief coming from me because…we found a new apartment. Finally! Anxiety-inducing bidding wars aside, I’m happy to have been forced to go through the experience in the end, because the new place is much bigger. Although it’s a little north of where I live now, I can do the walk to Holts in under an hour (I already mapped it!). Plus, I look forward to the decorating possibilities that a larger space presents. Instead of having all of the pieces we’ve been collecting over the

My mama was in town from NF this weekend so we went for a walk along the waterfront. The heat kept me from wearing something more elaborately planned but it was HOT! I decided to break out some oldies and so I wore a lingerie camisole-come-tank top that I bought about five years ago at Urban Outfitters, my faithful cutoffs, and older sandals from Browns. Sometimes it’s nice to pull out old stuff that I barely wear. It makes me feel like I’ve got something new again. Urban Outfitters camisole;

Last night my husband’s band, Old World Vulture released their new album, Trophy Lovers, at the Garrison here in Toronto. Old World Vulture takes the stage I wore black waxed jeans from Zara that I bought in the spring on sale for $19, a Gap tank, my denim vest , Aldo shoes from SS’11, and necklaces from Betsey Johnson and Banana Republic. My favorite detail about what I wore was that my jeans had zippered ankles. My friend and fellow new mom, Kim, demonstrated that a vintage rock tee pairs

Lately, as a means of exercise, I have been taking Viggo on long afternoon walks (or marathons, as I’ve started referring to them). We’ve taken lengthy strolls since the week I brought him home from Sunnybrook, but none as far as the harbour, which has been our destination of choice for the last month or two. Not only do I love being near the water, but Viggo gets a kick out of the ducks, the boats and all of the dogs, plus Mr. Hunter works down there so it makes

H&M dress; denim vest from ForeverXXI; Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses; Zara sandals Detail: Expression and Material Girl bracelets Well, I can cross denim vest off my wish list. I chose to forego the more expensive vest that I really wanted for this cheaper version from the Plus size section at Forever XXI! I spotted it and didn’t even realize I was in the Plus section. I didn’t want a short, tight hoochie vest though, and the proportions of this one seemed right, so I bought it. I’ll be happy

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