Life Update: Life is Better in the Valley

Life Update: Life is Better in the Valley

Ahhhh. The exhilaration of a girls’ weekend gone so, so right. I had really needed a break from the monotony of the indoors (courtesy of our never-ending winter), and from the cacophony of life with two kids, so I hosted five girlfriends here in Dundas this weekend while Mike took the kids to his parents’. The girls slept over and what really added a cozy element to the evening was that there was an ice storm raging outside. I still can’t decide if everyone is just plain awesome or a little daft for making their way here despite the treacherous road conditions (probably a little bit of both), but I am so glad they did. And our little house went a long way in making the weekend possible because I had the room for everyone to stay over—in beds—and a kitchen island for all of us to sit around—not necessities but both things helped make the weekend fun and relaxed, which brings me to my next point: both Dundas and this house are growing on me. I have always liked the house—and the town—but when we moved las August I couldn’t see past my sadness at having to leave our beloved city and our friends and our little community within. I still miss Toronto and probably will forever or until we maybe eventually move back—a reverse retirement, maybe? Anyhoo, I am liking it here more and am really liking our little house.

Because I was initially having a hard time with the move, Mike took it upon himself to lighten the mood while we were (still are), adjusting to our life here. When we first moved, I told him how I thought my autocorrect must have been trying to tell me to lighten up because it changed “Dundas” to “Fundas” every time I typed it, and he started hashtagging all of his Instagram pictures of our house, etc. with “#Fundas”. He also found this t-shirt at the local Home Hardware and wrapped it up under the tree for me at Christmas. Hilarious, Mike. But life is getting better in the valley.

P.S. Check my Instastories Highlights for a mini tour of our new house.

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