Beach Vacation Beauty Hacks

Beach Vacation Beauty Hacks

I am writing this on a chilly but sunny March day. Spring is definitely on its way, but I’d be lying if people’s instagram vacation pics aren’t making me a little jealous despite the fact that I just went on one myself! On past beach vacays, I have felt less than great on the beach because my natural (frizzy) curls come out and unless I want to wear mascara (read: unless I want major raccoon eyes), my red eyelashes are invisible. Throw in my stereotypically pale, fair-haired-person skin, and I tend to feel the exact opposite of how I was envisioning myself when I picked up a new swimsuit for our recent trip to Mexico. So I decided that this year I was going to feel great on the beach and prepared accordingly. I will seriously never go away again (beach vacation or not), without doing the following. So without further ado, my tried and true beach vacation beauty hacks:

1. Eyelash Extensions

I don’t wear eyelash extensions regularly, but I like to have them applied a few days before a vacation. Not only do they give me bold lashes without a lick of mascara so that I don’t have to worry about makeup running down my face when I’m splashing around in the water with the kiddos, but it saves me a step in my daily morning routine. I already scale back my makeup quite a bit while on vacation, and having eyelash extensions means I can get away with applying a bb cream, some bronzer and a swipe of lip gloss before heading out the door.

Another obvious bonus to a streak-free face and saving time in the morning is that eyelash extensions give you a little extra oomph in your vacation pics, which is always a plus. I get mine done at Deco De Mode in Yorkville in Toronto.

My lashes still going strong after snorkelling.

2. A Spray Tan

The pale-as-can-be skin I already spoke about can look downright fluorescent when I’m on a beach with people that have even a hint of a tan, including my husband whose Italian blood guarantees him a perfectly bronzed bod virtually the minute we step off the plane [insert eyeroll]. To keep up, but really, just to feel my best, I get a spray tan. I’ve gotten a few prior to past vacations and I always had to stand buck naked in front of the technician, so you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at Fabutan and was escorted to a room with an automatic tanning booth instead. Aside from a little extra on the tops of my hands (which could have been my fault owing to me not positioning them correctly), my tan was even and subtle and much more realistic than the times when I had it manually applied—and I got away with my ego intact, which is darn near impossible when you are baring everything in all its pasty glory to a living, breathing human with a spray nozzle in-hand.

You can see my tan the best in this shot: Viggo and I waiting for our early morning flight to Mexico.

This was taken at the end of our trip when my tan had mostly faded, but it really did give me the confidence to step onto the beach and feel better in my skin!

3. A shellac Mani and Pedi

Am I alone in assuming that if you’re going to get your nails done before vacay, something more long-lasting is the way to go? I used to get shellac on my fingernails but go for regular on my toes pre-beach, the logic being that my toes always outlast my mani by weeks anyway. But then I went to Cuba and ruined my pedicure not more than a day after I got it, by spraying sunscreen on my fee. Many sunscreens remove nail polish. Did you know that? Now we typically stick to natural sunscreens cintaining zinc (especially for the kids), but there are times, like when I know we’re going to be in the water for a while,  that I resort to my good-old-fashioned waterproof spray-on, signalling death for my pedicure UNLESS I was smart and opted for shellac. I don’t always get it because I find it is hard on my nails, but a couple of times a year when I don’t want to go to the trouble of packing nail stuff, I get it, guaranteeing myself a couple of weeks of maintenance-free, bullet-proof, nails!

4. A (Thorough) Bikini Wax

This one’s a no-brainer for me both on vacation and in my daily life. I have gone to Smooth Wax Bar since they opened in Toronto a couple of years ago. I have tried a few places here and there and trust me when I say that their promise of “less ouch” is completely legit. Plus I am always in and out in ten minutes. I have been at another salon (that shall remain nameless), and have had time to watch an entire episode of friends! That’s too long to prolong the torture of a bikini wax if you ask me.

With a wax, I feel more confidant and just generally better about being half-naked on a beach and the same goes for every day.

4. BB Cream

This is another one that’s really more of an everyday-life-hack rather than a vacation hack, but BB Cream will become your new best friend on vacation (if it isn’t already). In one step you can moisturize and even out your skin. I love this one by Garnier.

If you’ve got a vacation comin up, do yourself a favour and try one—or all—of my beauty hacks for yourself!


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