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Well that was a nice, long break. I hadn’t intended to step away from the blog for quite so long, but the holidays happened and then I got an ear infection and then a big job change for Mike also happened, all of which, has kept me completely and utterly absorbed with family stuff—and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. After a couple of months of professional deadlines, it was nice to just take December and the first half of January to focus on Mike and the kids and on putting some finishing touches on the house. I have been posting daily outfits (mostly mirror selfies because it is COLD out), on Instagram though. And even though I don’t love mirror shots from an aesthetic standpoint, I do love the spontaneity and “realness”they afford.

Anyway, on to my post. It has consistently been in the double digit negatives for a couple of weeks here in Toronto and I am fed up with my winter wardrobe already (this kind of winter fatigue doesn’t typically set in until closer to spring!), but one way I’ve been dealing with the monotony of my cold weather uniform is to add an interesting third piece. Now I’m not sure who spoke about the third piece rule first. I think I read about it on Who What Wear and then found the source I linked above from 2013. Regardless, I had unknowingly been living by the rule and now I encourage my wardrobe clients to do the same. Basically, the tenets of the third piece rule are that everyone can throw on a top and bottoms—that is the way most people dress—but those who are noted for their style, always have a third piece read: a cardigan, jacket, vest or an accessory that really pulls their look together. (Trust me here. Scroll through some outfits you have saved to your Pinterest board because you love them and I can guarantee that they all employ the third piece rule).

As I said, I have been mixing in some cold-weather third pieces lately to get myself through my cold-weather (very cold weather), wardrobe slump. The one image looks like fall but it was actually taken December 2! How things have changed in a little over a month!

I bought this oversize faux fur hat at Zara and have been wearing it a lot (with my boots and parka too!), just to look a little bit extra 🙂


I wear this and another faux fur scarf like it, a ton in the winter. I talk about my favourite third piece and the best purchase I have ever made (in terms of cost-per-wear) in this profile that was recently in the Hamilton Spectator.

If like me, you are also suffering from the winter wardrobe blues, take note and go buy yourself some fun and functional third pieces!

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