Roslyn Costanzo, Wardrobe Consultant

Roslyn Costanzo, Wardrobe Consultant

I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember—for myself, my sisters, my friends—the list goes on. Wardrobe consulting comes as naturally to me as breathing, whether it’s telling my sister to get rid of something or sending “you should buy this” texts to whomever I have spotted something for, I am a born style and shopping consultant. But it wasn’t until a mom-friend I chatted with at school drop-off every day, commented that she loved my capsule wardrobe blog post and “wanted everything in it but wouldn’t know where to begin,” that I started doing it professionally. Long story short, I did and I LOVE it! It is so rewarding to know you’ve helped someone look and feel their best (and to have helped make the world a little more stylish, too 🙂

Find out more about how I can help transform your style here. If you have a shopping or wardrobe quandary not listed in my services, please get in touch. I jump at the chance to talk shop(ping), so don’t be shy!

I am also super excited to announce that I will be giving style tips and tricks to make your wardrobe more fashionable and functional (and answering all of your style-related questions), at the Modern Mama Social happening next Saturday, Dec. 2, at Anthropologie Queen Street, from 5 – 9 pm. There are going to be so many good speakers and products there, I am proud to be a part of it (and who doesn’t need a little Anthropologie in their closet, amirght?) Come and let me help you determine the missing link in your wardrobe or find an outfit for your upcoming office holiday party! Tickets are available here.

Doing a wardrobe audit in a client’s home.

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  1. Holly says:

    Congrats Roz, sounds like an amazing event!

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