Adventures in Probiotics

We started using probiotics around here when, fed up with Viggo’s endless school-contracted illnesses (he’s had everything from cold, flu, stomach flu, to hand, foot and mouth disease, and even viral meningitis), I asked my friend, who also happens to be a naturopath, what to do. She told me she swears by probiotics and that her daughter (Viggo’s classmate), is rarely sick. Viggo (and Gigi and Mike and I, by association), were both going on what seemed like week 10 of the same cold (really), when I took her advice and sidled up to the counter at Noah’s.

I treated the probiotics like gold–doling out a serving in each of our smoothies in the morning, then promptly replacing it in the fridge lest it lose any of its potency. Until one day, I didn’t. We came home after being out for the entire day and evening, only to find the practically new bottle of probiotics sitting out on the counter, so, I pitched it. And that wasn’t the last time probiotics met an untimely demise on my watch. Because our families both live in Niagara, we often pack up and make a weekend out of our visits, and I would toss our probiotics in the suitcase for good measure. But what do you think happened once, when we arrived at my inlaws’ to new toys, the dog, and chatter? The probiotics stayed right where I had put them–in my bag–until I went to sprinkle some on the kids’ yogurt the following morning. So frustrating!

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Critical Care 50 Billion Go Pack! The genius capsules are shelf-stable, making them perfect for the frequent traveller or even just someone who is forgetful (like me). I love them because I can stow them in my bag so when I forget to take one in the morning, I have them with me, which is how I managed to take these regularly and do a sort of mini cleanse in the spring. I’m not sure if it’s the 50 billion active cultures I’m treating my gut to everyday c/o Renew Life, the fact that I started running, or that we are taking advantage of all the local, seasonal produce, but I do feel great going into the summer and will definitely continue my probiotic regime. I still have to remember to put the kids’ probiotics in the fridge (at six, Viggo could actually take these capsules, but as you can imagine, he’s not a fan of swallowing them), but I actually haven’t had to trash a bottle in a while :). And as for the number of seasonal viruses around here, we definitely haven’t been as sick as we were BP (before probiotics), so that’s a major win in my books.

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Renew Life Probiotics Go Pack

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Renew Life Probiotics Go Pack

* Note: this post was sponsored by Renew Life but all opinions are my own.


Roslyn Costanzo
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