On the importance of statement pieces

On the importance of statement pieces

When it comes to shopping, my MO used to be, see something that catches my eye and buy it, which is fine if you’re looking for a wardrobe of flash-in-the pan items that don’t fit together very well (read: a green metallic skirt, more pairs of destroyed jeans than I can count, a white flapper-style dress–you get the picture). So recently, I decided to fill in the holes left between the fun, statement pieces, with some much-needed basics. And the fashion powers that be are right–it is easier to get dressed every day if you’ve got the basics nailed down. BUT what I have also realized, is that while a good stock of closet staples is key, the unique items are what truly make your wardrobe, yours. The fun stuff is the meat to your potato basics, one might say.

So, I haven’t stopped buying stand-out pieces, but now I try to make smarter choices when I shop, making it my aim to choose things that will actually extend my wardrobe and not just exist in a vaccuum. In an effort to keep lusty impulse purchases at bay, I take a few minutes (or hours if I put it on hold), and think about all the ways I can wear the item in question, and if I determine that I can wear it X number of ways, with stuff that I already own, I go back for it. As much as I love my green metallic skirt, for instance, if I was applying this formula (or some might just call it, common sense), back when I bought it, it probably wouldn’t have made the cut.

Now my signature stuff actually gives my wardrobe legs in the same way that the perfect white tee does. Case in point, these pink pants. I’m not typically a trouser person, nor do I EVER buy pink, but I thought about how this pair from RW&CO would make entirely new outfits from my army of cream/white/neutral tops. That alone (nevermind that pink is the colour of the season, that they are floaty and perfect for spring/summer, and that they are so comfortable), makes them a great buy.

Pink paper bag-waist pants

Statement paper bag-waist pants

I also splurged on the now Instagram-famous pom pom mules from Zara. These shaggy sandals are odd and for many, off-putting (I’m looking at you, family), but they definitely get a lot of attention and they offer a way to make all of my sundresses from last season into outfits that are current for this season. Check, check. (As of press time ๐Ÿ˜‚ the whole top row of pom poms has fallen off but I am so committed to the vision of how I will wear these with everything come summer, I am threading my needle as we speak).

Statement piece: pom pom shoes

Finally, these boots, also from Zara (Zara’s really got a hold on me when it comes to their ss17 footwear lineup), are perhaps my favourite statement purchase in a long time. I love the height of the boots (they come up to a flattering point on my leg, something that is typically hard for me to find), and I obviously love the unique all-over floral print. They are nothing like anything I have owned. But the thing that really makes these boots worth every penny (of their already affordable price tag), is the silhouette; sleek and trim, giving the illusion of height, but with a tiny kitten heel. I forewent my black Nudist sandals in favour if these for a bachelorette party last weekend and they were so comfortable, even after walking several blocks! Win, win, win!

Statement floral boots

So is everyone out there as methodical (neurotic) as I am when it comes to clotges? Do you choose your must-have pieces so that they lend your existing wardrobe some flexibility, or do you have a closet of misfits whose fate is to simply be admired and rarely worn?

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One comment on “On the importance of statement pieces
  1. Gabriella says:

    Oh those boots are stunning! And I love the pants… My fave too!

    xx Gabriella

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