The Power of the Perfect Coat

Trench with fur collar

I’m usually pretty open-minded when it comes to clothes and gladly accept outlandish pairings, offensive proportions, unorthodox style–that’s the stuff of fashion, I think. But if there’s one oversight that the gods of style must regard as a sin, it has to be treating your topper as an afterthought. You know the type I’m referring to–that would-be put-together woman on the street who relinquishes any and all style cred by wearing her everyday parka over her chic dress.

“She might be cold,” you say, and yes, parkas have their place in fashion, even. But not in this case. Coats are so integral to my look, I often rely on them to make my simple jeans and tee into a bonafide outfit. When asked if I want to check my coat at the door of an event, etc. I always say no.

“I’m a little chilly,” I lie. But what I really want to say is, “hell, no (thankyou)! This faux fur chub makes my outfit, don’t ya think?” (It always makes me think about Carrie Bradshaw having to remove her ensemble-making shoes at her friend’s baby shower).

Anyway, this isn’t a rant, but more of a PSA. If you’re feeling your look one day, make sure your coat enhances it as opposed to ruining it. I almost didn’t buy this coat, for instance, because I already have a classic beige trench as well as an unstructured grey one. But I love this one for its ability to straddle  the seasons (winter-to-spring or fall-to-winter). The faux fur collar gives the classic silhouette some whimsy and extra warmth, which is just what the dr ordered for these last days of winter. I’ll eventually remove the fur to extend its life into the spring, but for now it’s topping everything from these fun, ruffle-hem pants to my favourite distressed jeans. Without it here, I’d just be another girl in black pants and a cream top, you see?

Trench with fur collar

Zara trench and pants (recent); Maje silk blouse; lace-up booties from Winners

Trench with fur collar

Trench with fur collar

Trench with fur collar
Ruffled leather pants

Trench with fur collar Ruffled leather pants and lace-up shoes

Ruffled leather pants and lace-up shoes

Roslyn Costanzo
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