What it’s REALLY Like Being A Blogger/Mom

What it’s REALLY Like Being A Blogger/Mom

I used to fret about cramming as many blog photos in as possible on the weekends when my photographer/husband/childrens’ father was home during daylight hours, to take them. (Mike’s titles are by no means listed in priority sequence there–I mean, unless you count those of my former, photo-whoring self who’d rather gamble her infant’s afternoon nap than risk not having “enough” outfit posts for the following week. That bish be cray). And I was. I wasn’t living in the moment with my kiddos, which was a big deal because, since joining the ranks of kindergarten, my oldest had learned to appreciate his “days off” and I was filling them with half-baked plans to visit the back alleys and laneways of Toronto to capture outfits I had cobbled together in a hurry when I hadn’t had time to iron/accessorize/wash the thing I was originally planning on wearing.

And then there was the comedy of errors that unfolded once we actually got to the shoot location; we had to park the kids and make sure they didn’t hurt themselves, all while trying to capture elegant, natural-looking, photographs. The whole situation was one big oxymoron. Gigi typically sat in her stroller while Viggo flittered around, half entertaining her, half straining at the end of his invisible leash (“Please, watch your sister for two more minutes while we get this shot”), wanting to explore the area. Now, for the sake of our sanity, we typically do quick shoots outside of our place (my son’s school across the street and our neighbour’s cars make cameos in my shots all the time, but until I can uncover the secret of taking flattering photographs in pristine, all-white spaces with a 20 month-old along for the ride, such is life). And I’m not hating. Mamas who have it all together and look gorgeous in their photographs, please let me in on your secrets! I hope it’s inlaws in close proximity, because then I won’t feel so bad. And sometimes I do feel pretty bad. One time we parked Gigi’s stroller on our steeply inclined street and were so absorbed in getting a good shot that we didn’t notice when she STARTED TO ROLL AWAY. For real. Thank goodness for Viggo.

I’m not complaining or making excuses–I love our blog-induced brand of chaos on the weekends, but I would love to know how other blogger moms manage to take photos and fit everything in! Tell me your secrets in the comments! 



3 comments on “What it’s REALLY Like Being A Blogger/Mom
  1. There is a reason why I basically stopped blogging for two years and haven’t posted an outfit shot in almost as long. Ain’t no body have time for that! Blogging is happening again but outfit posts are probably still a ways off…..
    You are slaying!

  2. Nathalie says:

    I love the kiddies in this post. It’s good to see the real moments happening!

    I don’t have kids and I feel like this. Geoff is a little fed up having to dedicate his weekend to outfit posts and quite frankly, so am I! It takes a lot of effort to look effortless!! LOL

    Xo, Nathalie

    • Roslyn says:

      Aw, thanks for commenting, Nathalie! I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comments until now. I’m usually notified by e-mail when someone leaves a comment, but Mike was doing some maintenance on my site the other day and these came through all at once!

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