How Two Twenty-something Guys Kept Me On Course

How Two Twenty-something Guys Kept Me On Course

I’ve been talking about Minimalism a lot on the blog lately, and while I have realized that I am not–and could never be–a Minimalist in the sense that most people in the documentary espouse (I’m a stuff-everywhere, lived-in, piles-of-pillows, and clothes-as-mementos-type person), I can make more intentional purchases. Rather than eschewing my love of clothing in favour of a deprivatory capsule wardrobe, I have been prompted to look more closely at my shopping habits and how they impact my life–and the world. I’ve alluded to it time and again, but I’m the shopping equivalent of a grazer–a lot of snacks all the time, but never the big, delicious meal that I really want. (Not sure why I went with a food analogy but this winter has got me comfort-eating my way out of all my favourite jeans, so…) I love sales and the suspense of not knowing what gems I’ll uncover. And while there have definitely been some gems, there are most often just a number of items that do nothing for me outside of the immediate adrenaline kick I get from saving a few bucks at the cash wrap. Thank goodness for the enlightened twenty-something guys in line in front of me at Winners yesterday:

“Dude, only buy it if you really love it. Otherwise it’s just not worth it,” the one (very wise) friend said to the other. “Right,” I thought, sheepishly off-loading the myriad pairs of underwear, the dishtowels, and the picture frame I had in my cart onto the nearest shelf. But there was one thing I didn’t put back –something I really love and the very thing I had saved for and had come to the store that day in hope of finding: a pair of flatform, pearl-embellished, blush oxfords that I first spotted at the company’s spring media preview a few weeks before. Knowing that they’d soon be in store, but (judging by the reaction to my Instagram post featuring the objects of my affection), their availability would be fleeting, I effectively muzzled all extraneous spending so I could buy them, guilt-free, whenever they decided to show up at my local Winners. And let me tell you, it feels good to buy with intention as opposed to buying impulsively. There were a million things I could have spent my money on during the several recon missions leading up to the purchase (because, let’s be honest, it’s almost never the case that I–or anyone else–leaves Winners empty-handed. Even if you get skunked in the clothing department, there are always those yogurt-covered raisins hanging on the shelf next to the checkout line. You know the ones.)

Anyway, my wallet and my closet will thank me (as time progresses), if I can continue to be mindful and intentional while shopping. [Closes browser window open to remnants of Zara sale].

Finally some shots of me in my new sweater, which is emblematic of the elevated basics I am trying to populate my wardrobe with–and my quest to buy with intention.

Wardrobe basicsSweater + leather pants Wardrobe basics


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