Wardrobe Goals

Wardrobe Goals

Lately I find myself in a catch 22 and don’t know which direction to move in. My circumstance is obviously not life or death (although everyone interviewed in Minimalism mentioned a significant decrease in stress levels as a bi-product of their new, minimalist lifestyle, which in turn, directly coordinates to the length of one’s life, right?), but it is weighing on me. You might have gleaned from the parenthetical statement above, that I recently watched the Netflix doc, Minimalism, chronicling the lifestyle of “the Minimalists” and others after they committed to a life-changing purge of material goods. Having been thinking about fast fashion over the last year or so, mainly in respect to its hefty environmental toll, but also in the context of quality (case in point, I have a woven coat of my grandma’s c. 1970s and it is in really good condition nearly fifty years on, whereas the duster length coat I bought from Zara last year is pilling everywhere), I liked what the Minimalists had to say. I’m tired, I have decided, of buying coats that pill, sweaters that require a shave after just one wear, and t-shirts that say “Dry Clean Only” on the tag. I am going to start demanding quality from my clothes, and to do that, I am going to have to put my money where my mouth is, which seems frightening but when I add up all the cheap clothes I’ve purchased over the year, only to be worn a handful of times before succumbing to their bally fate, I could have definitely afforded some of the higher priced aspirational items on my “To Buy” list, that I typically just include for kicks. All of this at a time when Instagram makes the “capsule wardrobe” look so darn appealing. Plus, my family and I have taken some pretty great trips lately and even though I would consciously say that I prefer those experiences over material things, the latter has quite a hold on me. So, I’m intrigued by “Minimalism” and ready to ditch my (almost weekly) Zara finds in pursuit of a few good pieces that I really love, a less-packed, tiny Toronto closet, and hopefully more travels with my family. But even with this in mind, between watching the doc and this very moment, I have purchased the following:

An “in-between” down-filled coat for Viggo

Ankle boots for Gigi

A toque for Gigi to replace the one she recently lost

Gloves for Viggo

A down-filled parka for me

Jeans for me

A new toque for me

Another storage basket for the kids’ toys

A new set of sheets for Viggo

A piece of fossilized dinosaur poop (really), for Viggo

I should point out that I had gift certificates from Christmas (and the sales at Zara are just so good), so that’s why maybe I bought more than usual. But honestly, I don’t even know if that’s more than usual. So, like some people do when they’re dieting (to stay conscious of what they are actually consuming during the day), I am going to start keeping a daily diary/log of what I buy and post it here once a week to stay accountable and help me realize my goal of consuming less. It’s obviously harder than it sounds! I’m trying to figure out how this will all work as a fashion blogger–maybe it won’t, maybe I’ll abandon the idea, or maybe it will compel me to build a kick-ass fully functioning wardrobe that I actually wear. Whatever happens, I’d love it if you follow along on my journey! Minimalism


Black leather pants chunky knit


Chunky knit



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