Clark W. Griswold Probably Used Pine-Sol Too

Clark W. Griswold Probably Used Pine-Sol Too

It is a well-known fact among my family and friends, that I LOVE Christmas. So much so that for me, the year is ten regular months and then after October, it’s “Pre-Christmas,” followed by “Christmas!” But this year I’m riding an even bigger holiday high because I am hosting my first ever real Christmas dinner (on the actual day), at our apartment. I feel like Clark W. Griswold in Christmas Vacation–my expectations of what this “perfect” family Christmas is going to look like are set pretty high. And things get really dicey when you use the word “perfect” to describe anything involving a) cooking, and b) your (loving, but vociferous), family.  Am I right? Not to mention that having two little kids sometimes means that the vision of perfection I have in my head is plain impossible to achieve–especially with a Christmas tree-obsessed toddler.  I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not I have to concede any of my elaborate decor or meal plans as we get closer to the day.

For now, I have decided to get a jump start on deep-cleaning our place, so the opportunity to test Pine-Sol’s new, lavender scented Multi-Surface Cleaner came at the perfect time. So far I’ve diluted it for use on the floor, and I have used it at full-strength to wipe down kiddie high-traffic areas like the front of our new, high-gloss wardrobe doors–the site of an ongoing battle with tiny fingerprints. My verdict? One to shy away from scents labeled anything other than “Original” or “Lemon” (I learned my lesson after a couple of tough months spent trying to use up my apple-scented dish soap), I never would have chosen lavender if left to my own devices. But surprisingly, I appreciate the more muted, decidedly un-piney scent of the lavender cleaner–especially after buying a bottle of the original scent a few months ago and worrying about the STRONG smell every time I used it around the kiddos. The lavender is pleasant and more mellow (if not super lavender-smelling), and has made me see that maybe “original” isn’t always better. Plus, this time of year I’d rather any pine smell in our apartment be the real deal–from the Christmas tree!

Aside from the new scent (and the fact that I am super confident in its grease-cutting and disinfecting abilities), I love Pine-Sol’s convenient, snap-shut lid that allows me to open it (with one hand!) for a quick squirt of cleaner instead of having to fumble with a screw cap. Based on my experience with the Pine-Sol Lavender, when this bottle runs out I would totally broaden my (all-purpose cleaner) horizons and try another of the brand’s scents including Lemon, Mandarin, Sparkling Wave (and of course, Original). Available at grocery and drug stores across the country.

*Please note that this post is sponsored by Pine-Sol but opinions are my own.

Christmas cleaning  Christmas cleaning

Pine-Sol Lavender


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2 comments on “Clark W. Griswold Probably Used Pine-Sol Too
  1. Suzanne Watson says:

    I will definitely try the lavender since it is one of my favorite scents! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😊

  2. Holly says:

    You are definitely going to host the perfect Christmas Roz! Have you started baking yet? I’m not a fan of Lavender myself, but maybe I’ll try it.

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