[Flutters Lashes]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying one of the prix fixe beauty packages offered by Beautylicious. In its eighth year, the event, which runs from October 20-30 this year, sees over 50 salons in the Bloor-Yorkville area offering specially-priced hair, spa, skin, and health and wellness service packages for both women and men.

I took the plunge and finally tried eyelash extensions from Deco De Mode. I had never done so until now because my eyelashes have always been decent for the most part, but mostly, because I knew it would be a slippery slope. And I was right. I love them! I’ve only lived with them for a day, but every time I catch my reflection in the mirror, I am surprised at the long lashes fluttering back at me–and that is with no makeup!

The experience turned out to be exactly what I needed amind a bit of a stressful/busy time lately. Deco De Mode is cozy with chic decor and the owner, Seda, who also happened to do my lashes, was so sweet and we happily chatted the whole hour away in between her explanation of what she was doing and how to take care of my new lashes.

I’ll likely take advantage of Beautylicious pricing and go back to Deco De Mode to get my eyelashes filled before I head to Portugal next month. If there’s a salon service/treatment you’ve been wanting to try, now’s the time! Check out the packages available as part of this year’s event, here.

Before eyelash extensions

Before the extensions

Eyelash extensions

After the extensions

Deco De Mode salon

Seda, owner of Deco De Mode


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