Bye, summer

Viggo went back to school for the first time today and that officially marks the end of summer (if you qualify summer as long, lazy days spent at the park, by the pool, or in the sun–and we do). We’ve been reflecting on what a whirlwind of adventure these last two months have  been and we all feel like we made the most of the season and can happily look forward to fall. I should mention that beyond wearing sweaters, I love fall because it’s at once a return to the comfort of routine and a fresh start. I guess it’s the diehard student in me, but fall always feels like a new beginning–not spring, the season by which everyone else seems to set their clocks to “regenerate”. The opportunity to recalibrate, to hunker down, is something that I look forward to every year, not to mention the fact that there’s something inherently cozy about battening the hatches, so to speak, in preparation for winter’s reign. And to be able to do that with the satisfaction of a summer well spent behind you–there’s no better feeling. This summer we made our first visit to three of Canada’s National parks, we hunted for (and found!), dinosaur bones in a real bone bed, we made it to the summit of a mountain, we saw bears, elk, and deer in the wild, we experienced the prairies, the badlands, and the Rocky Mountains, we walked on a glacier and sipped from a glacial stream, we hiked, we ate dinner against the most breathtaking vistas, we bathed in a hot spring, we swam, we saw a mummified (then petrified) dinosaur, we went behind the scenes at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, we ate popsicles, put miles on the stroller and our bikes, we swam, we played games, watched movies, saw The Hip, experienced what it feels like to free-fall when skydiving, and SO MUCH MORE! We’re saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall with a million wonderful memories made. And now we begin again.

(Stay tuned for a travel guide based on our family trip to Alberta).

Striped sundress + tassel bag

Urban Outfitters dress | American Eagle hat | Betsy Johnson sunglasses | H&M bag | Zara shoes

Crochet sundress

Striped sundress + boater hat

Crochet sundress

Gigi is wearing Minimoc moccasins and an OshKosh B’gosh Dress
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