In a funk

I think it’s a combination of the impending school year (half of my school-related angst is from knowing that I’m going to miss my Viggo, and half–like every September–is wishing that I, myself, was starting a new academic chapter. I seriously can’t even be around U of T without getting depressed at this time of year), and my constantly-shifting feelings about what it is I do for a living. I’m a stay-at-home mom (deemed necessary at first, by the would-be reality of my meagre income being almost completely consumed by daycare costs. It made zero sense for me to go back and I am SO glad I had/have the opportunity to stay home with Viggo and now, Gigi, in their pre-school years), a blogger, and a freelance writer, but I often find managing those three things tricky–like I’m a Jack of all trades, but master of none. (Just when I think I’ve got the mom thing down for instance, I find myself standing in the washroom at Old Navy with human poop–not my own ?–on my hands). I guess it’s mostly just an issue of finding the time to make my blog a priority when the mom thing, especially, is so all-consuming. I’m going to elaborate on my blogger struggles in a separate post when I actually get around to writing it (and therein lies the struggle). Add to all of this, a heavy heart since seeing The Tragically Hip in what may be one of their last shows last week, and I feel blue. The feeling has been alleviated a little by the sweet, family birthday celebration that Mike organized the day before yesterday  (the day began with waffles and ended with dinner a deux–all made by him–punctuated with Viggo giving me “red makeup” because he thought it would look nice on me). My shorter ‘do is also helping me power through. I actually wish I had cut it a little shorter, so suffice it to say, I am loving it. That, and the inkling of fall in the air (I’m basing this “inkling” on a couple of chilly nights last week), have brought about some much-needed change around here. I’m a happy girl once I can start popping coats and jackets over my look. A great coat is probably my favourite piece to buy because of its freshening and unifying capabilities. Here, I simply added a tan suede jacket over my summer uniform of cut-offs + tank, and I feel ready for fall!

Suede jacket and cut offs

Le Chateau jacket and hat | H&M tank | Forever 21 lace-up booties

Suede jacket and cut offs

Suede jacket and cut offs


Suede jacket and shorts


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