Unlikely Olympic Fever

We’ve got it bad over here–or I guess have it bad, (although I’m doing my best to turn Viggo into an Olympics enthusiast–and I’m succeeding). For some reason, in my house growing up, the Olympics was always a big deal, which is ironic because my family is SO unathletic. And I really can’t stress our unathleticism enough. None of us played sports (minus one summer of softball for my sister),  but when the Olympics were underway (back when the games only took place every four years), they were central to our lives for two weeks. The 1988 Calgary Winter Games stick out in my mind in particular–The Battle of the Brians, the Jamaican bobsleigh team…I even wrote a letter to Canadian figure skater, Elizabeth Manley–who came in second in women’s figure skating to Katarina Witt–saying that I had been rooting for her! I’ve been an Olympics nerd ever since, and a highlight of our recent trip to Alberta was seeing the Olympic venues 🙂 The part about the Games that really gets me, however, is the human interest angle; the shots of the parents in the crowd, the clips in between the action, detailing the various athletes’ challenges on their path to the Olympics, and even the commercials. Right now there’s one “a tribute to moms” ad that makes me cry every time. The thread of texts between my sisters and my mom and I is rife with excerpts from the sad stories, the triumphant stories, and of course, the crying emoji. So this year, you can imagine, I’ve scarcely been able to rip myself away from the TV, as moved as I have been by the Refugee team, the face of little Boomer Phelps, and the athleticism of 41 year old, gymnast–and mother–Oksana Chusovitina. It’s also the best diversion during this intense heat wave. Gigi and I have been taking (air conditioned) cover and watching them while Viggo has been on vacation at grandma’s and it’s been pretty fun. We’re ready for week two!

Red romper + denim jacke

Urban Outfitters romper | Zara Jean jacket | Le Chateau shoes

Backless romper

Red romper

Urban Outfitters romper

Romper + oversize jean jacket

Romper + oversize Jean jacket


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