My Sound of Music Moment

As I was walking across a hillside in Banff wearing this dress, I was tickled by my similarity to Maria Von Trapp and I wondered, “how did she escape to Switzerland on foot, through the Alps, while singing and wearing formal clothes?” It was all I could do to find traction in these lace-up booties while making sure I didn’t step on my hem. Speaking of Fräulein Maria, I am kicking myself for not getting an arms-open twirling picture but I was too distracted by what you don’t see in the shot; Gigi lounging on the steep hillside–on her own–while Mike tried to take photos, and Viggo running around with a little kindred spirit who was into his mission to try and see a gopher up-close. Oh well. There’s always next time I’m wearing a dress on clearing on the side of a mountain.

Sound of Music style

I snagged this dress for a song at the Zara sale and while a lot of my Zara sale purchases are “might as well, it’s only $20” in spirit, this one was an enthusiastic, “Yeah! Grab it cuz it’s on my ‘to buy’ list” purchase. I had been wanting a maxi dress with long sleeves for a while and I like that this one in particular, will transition seamlessly into fall with its darker, burnished colour scheme. Once fall is in full swing I’ll likely wear it with the same leather jacket and lace-up booties I paired it with here (the weather in the mountains got chilly at night). I love how leather toughens up a floral look. The leather, the floral print, the hillside, I suppose you could say “these are a few of my favourite things”! #corny #sueme

maxi dress on a mountain

Floral maxi on a mountain

Zara dress and jacket | Forever 21 shoes

Floral maxi on a mountain

maxi dress + leather jacket on a mountain

Floral maxi on a mountain

Floral maxi dress

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