Sandals that strike a balance

If you know me, you know I’m not very athletic, per se. At least, that was the popular opinion until I joined my friend’s dragon boating team several years ago, and let me just say, my parents really missed the boat (literally ;))by not encouraging me to put my family’s idiosyncratic big arms to use as a rower.

But I digress.

Dragon boating aside, I’m not athletic, so when it came time to start thinking about what to pack for our upcoming trip to Alberta–first the badlands for some dino adventures and then to Banff, Lake Louise, and the Athabasca Icefield for some hiking and exploring against bucket list-caliber backdrops–I had nothin’. BUT I don’t want to go crazy because athletic clothes aren’t really my thing (I mean, you have to work out for them to be your thing–I think–and I’m still trying to convince by body that exercising is in fact, a habit that I love), so I thought I’d choose items that fall somewhere in the middle of sporty and everyday. Enter these Geox Teva-esque sandals that strike the perfect balance. Their flat, platform sole provides a lot of support that, along with the brand’s patented breathable technology, will hopefully keep my feet feeling comfortable as we walk around town, while the pyramid studs on black leather, pack a stylish punch.

I picked the sandals for myself  when I was invited to “shop” the adorable Geox kids collection for spring/summer to choose a pair each for Gigi and Viggo. I caved and finally got Viggo a pair of shoes that light up (not crazy about the look but the happiness when he saw them was worth months of having to look at blinking shoes–almost). But admittedly, the fact that you can switch out the lights that come with the shoe for different colours (sold at Geox shops), is pretty cool. Geox also includes a plug for the light chamber should you manage to convince your child that they’d be better off with shoes that don’t blink–but that’s not likely to happen over here.

Gigi ended up going home with the cutest, pink booties that are perfect for her current stage. She’s on her feet but doesn’t yet have her balance well enough to actually let go of the couch/coffee table/my leg. These booties will provide the ankle support she needs to feel more sturdy and confident, not to mention the fact that they are adorable in all of their pink girly-ness. Not usually my thing but they just looked SO CUTE on.

So as far as my hiking/canoeing/glacier-walking wardrobe goes, I’ve got some work to do, but these sandals mean that at least I’ll look casually pulled together for everything in between.

Geox Patrick Cox sandals

Geox by Patrick Cox sandals c/o | Old Navy dress | Zara leather jacket | Vince Camuto clutch | vintage sunglasses

Geox Patrick Cox sandals
Geox Patrick Cox sandals
Geox Patrick Cox sandals
Geox by Patrick Cox
Geox booties

Gigi feeling good in her new booties!

Geox baby shoes
Geox baby shoes

All three pairs of Geox shoes were gifted to me but opinions are 100% my own!

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