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May 2016

Practicing Safe Sun

In the summertime, we basically turn into vampires around here, desperately adjusting hats and applying, then re-applying, broad spectrum or mineral sunscreen to protect our fair skin, the vulnerability of

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Stripes or Solids

Left to my own (subconscious), devices, I’ll go about like a drone, busily amassing a wardrobe of same, same, but different; mostly neutral, mostly solid-coloured pieces that go with my

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Wedding culottes

Last weekend I attended what was probably the swankiest wedding I have been to. It was streamlined and beautiful; the ceremony was at a gallery in the Distillery District followed

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The flowy trench

Instead of brooding over the fact that I WASN’t sitting in a bar decked out in faux Mexicana, sucking back margaritas and guac while blissful in my ignorance of what

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