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…this post is NOT going to be about all the cute stuff I’ve amassed this week/month to decorate our apartment like a lot of bloggers’ “around the house” posts are. (Although I do have my talented friend, Holly Young, lined up to do a couple of guest posts in the near future where she’ll give some tips on how to decorate small spaces!) But right now I’m talking about the stuff that no one likes to do around the house  (save some friends and acquaintances who I can only describe as masochistic). It’s housework. I never really pictured it being such a big factor in my life before I had a family, but I’m a bonafide homemaker now, whether I like it or not, and I’m not alone; a recent study claims that women with three children do an average of 28 hours of cooking, cleaning, and laundry each week! I know, I only have two, but still. The struggle is real. Humorously, however, the main thrust of the article is about how a husband actually creates seven more hours of chores each week–for his partner! And I know this to be true. I mean I can’t draw a line precisely between the mess caused by Mike and the messes caused by the kids, but I do know that when we got a white couch (a.k.a. the WORST mistake when you have…a husband), I laid down the law about eating on or near it: it wasn’t gonna happen. And since, Viggo, my little, rule-loving boy, has scarcely eaten an apple slice near it, but I have still had to buy a replacement cover because Mike somehow got bright orange taco grease all over one of the cushions the first week we owned it!

White couch aside, we’ve had many an argument about the general division of labour at our house. Yes, I’m home but I’m also a freelance writer, blogger, and mom to an almost-five year old and a nine month old. Those responsibilities could easily take up ALL of my time but somehow I also have to manage those 28 hours of housework if I don’t want to sit in a sess pool all day. (As an aside, Mike might be a little careless when it comes to eating on the white couch but he does a fair share of stuff around here too–especially where the kids are concerned).  But it’s still not enough to alleviate the brunt of it and, I mean, I don’t want him cleaning in the evenings anyway. There are other ways we’d rather spend our time at home together as a family. So, I’m stuck trying to deal with the fact that along with my covetable job as a stay-at-home mom and freelancer, comes housework. As such, you can imagine that I’ll try anything that promises to make the job easier, which is why I jumped at the chance to test out the new Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Toilet Cleaning System.

The Clorox Disinfeting Toilet Wand Toilet Cleaning System and Refills

The system is designed so that the wand simply clicks into a disposable brush head/sponge that is pre-loaded with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. Once finished, a release button releases the used brush head directly into the garbage.

The pros: I liked it because my hands never had to come in contact with the cleaning product (even though I wash thoroughly, I’m always paranoid about product residues coming into contact with Gigi’s delicate skin after I’ve cleaned), and the brush refills are so small and compact that they reach spots that my regular toilet brush cannot. The whole kit is housed in a sleek, white stand that looks so much nicer beside the toilet than my regular, old toilet brush does. As far as performance is concerned, the brush contained a lot of cleanser and “sudsed-up” nicely, making me feel like my toilet got a thorough cleaning.

The cons: The only cons I have are that for the stage my family is at right now, I’m not thrilled about the idea of having anything preloaded with a cleaning product sitting within reach of my crawling infant, especially because the stand does not click closed–the lid simply lifts up and down like a flap. Until she’s older we may just have to stow the refills on a high shelf in the closet along with the rest of our cleaning products. But for that same reason, I do like that there’s no germ-filled toilet brush sitting around within easy reach either. (As an aside, I don’t let my baby loose in the bathroom or anything but if you’ve been  a parent of a crawler, you know how fast things can happen!) The other con is that I try to shop as consciously as I can, which usually means that disposable products are out, but in this case the wasted brush heads are quite small.

The verdict: Although I would probably never have purchased a cleaning system like this On my own, I’m glad I got to try it and I think the fact that I didn’t have to mess around (literally), with toilet bowl cleaner (I shudder when I have to run the head of my usual toilet duck under the rim, thinking about all the germs that jump on!), makes it a winner in my book.

The Clorox Disinfecting Toilet Wand Toilet Cleaning System and Refills

The wand with refill brush head attached (and my Pom Pom rug from Homesense)


The Clorox Disinfecting Toilet Wand Toilet Cleaning System and Refills

The brush head just pops off (hands-free), and into the garbage when done!

I’d love to hear your short-cuts, tips, and tricks when it comes to cleaning your house (and any advice for keeping a white couch clean is also welcome!)  Let me know in the comments!

* Clorox Canada provided me the sample of the Clorox Disinfecting ToiletWand Toilet Cleaning System free of charge along with a gift card but all opinions shared are my own.



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