As Smooth As A Baby's Behind; My Wax at Smooth Wax Bar

There was a point in time when I decided waxing was too painful and that I was just going to let my razor take over from then on. That was a long time ago–probably right after I got married ???. Jokes aside, (and I am joking. I’m not even close to being one of those girls who takes a break from shaving her legs in the winter), I hadn’t been for a wax in years but had been thinking of “treating” my post-baby self to one (hoping that with age, comes desensitization?), when I was invited to try the services at the new Smooth Wax Bar in Liberty Village. I was intrigued by their promise of a less painful experience owing to both their skilled “Waxologists” and their imported wax, which is made for sensitive skin because, as they rightly point out on their website, “all skin is sensitive when it comes to waxing.” Amen. Apparently the Spice Girls even had that particular wax sent to them while on tour in the U.S. when they realized they couldn’t get it there. With that in mind (if it was good enough for Ginger, it was good enough for me!), I boldly chose the “Modest Brazilian”, and put down my razor for the next three weeks in anticipation.

When the day arrived and I walked into the reception area that was brimming with other bloggers, I immediately regretted my boldness. I was going to get a Brazilian wax in the middle of this party? What if they could hear me screaming in pain? I didn’t have too much time to think about it though because I was promptly called into the room. My “Waxologist” was super nice–and knowledgeable. She could likely sense my nervousness and chatted away about the merits of the wax and their strip-less technique. I did like that part. She just smoothed the wax on and then pulled it off once it was dry, using a new stick each time. My fears of alerting everyone at the opening party that I was experiencing pain quickly subsided. That’s not to say that it was painless, but it wasn’t like my previous experiences, the last of which, had the esthetician standing over my trembling body once it was done saying, “yes, you has very sensitive skeen and coarse hairs. Waxing no good for you.” I’m glad Smooth Wax Bar proved her wrong and I am definitely going back.

Because I had such a great experience at Smooth Wax Bar, I want to give one of you the chance to try it for yourself! Head over to my Instagram account to enter to win the service of your choice! Entering is easy; make sure you are following me and Smooth Wax Bar, and tag two of your friends who you think might also like to win under my photo for the contest. This is redeemable at both the new Toronto location (at 110 Atlantic Avenue) and the London location! I’ll choose a winner at random this Sunday night at 9pm. Good luck!

Smooth Wax Bar

Dum, dum, dum (sang in a menacing tone). The waxing table awaits!

Smooth Wax Bar

Smooth Wax Bar

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