On living that list life

“The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists.”

~ H. Allen Smith

If this is true, I personify the evolutionary trait that separates us from chimps. There aren’t many things that bring me more joy than writing a list–except maybe crossing things off said list. When other people hunker down at night with Netflix or a good book, I settle in with Evernote…to make a list. “To Do This Week” (subdivided into “Tomorrow” and “Later in the Week”); “Groceries” (written according to my regular route around Forest Hill Loblaws, and footnoted with “Meals” so that I remember the dishes I plan to make with those groceries); “Things I Want” (I’m not proud of that title, ok?); “For the House” (where I write down all of our decor aspirations); “Viggo Milestones” and “Gigi Milestones” (running logs of the funny things they say and do that I really should write in their baby books but never get around to doing), are just a few of the several running lists I keep. Lists give me life and without one (or several), I feel lost and my days lack structure. Plus there is something so satisfying about getting all of your thoughts “on paper”, so to speak. My husband, on the other hand, has never made a list in his life, or hadn’t until recently when increasing responsibilities at work finally necessitated that he succumb to the “dark side”, which I think he’s realizing isn’t actually dark at all. Instead of the rigidity he was imagining as inherent to the act of writing and referencing a list, I think he’s realized that writing a list/lists is actually emancipating in that it leaves your mind free to focus on more important things–like getting all of your jeans tailored to the perfect ankle-grazing length. But really, I take pride in the fact that I’m never going to be that person who has to sub in a box of Kleenex for toilet paper because I didn’t realize it was running out, or who didn’t have all of the ingredients to make muffins on any given day. I’m adding “pat self on back” to my “To Do” list right now.
Suede shorts and cable knit

Zara sweater and shorts (recent and on sale!) | Le Chateau bag and boots (also on sale) | vintage coat (it was my grandma’s) | Ray Ban classic aviators

Suede shorts and cable knit
Suede shorts and cable knit Suede shorts and cable knit Suede shorts and cable knit Suede shorts and cable knit Suede shorts and cable knit

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