Much-needed hair therapy

If you’ve ever had a baby, you know the number it can do on your hair. Not only have I been relying more heavily on my hair straightener (I no longer have the time to spend blowing it out properly), but thanks to hormones, my hair has been falling out in (scarily) large clumps. They say that post partum hair loss is simply your body letting go of extra hair–the stuff that your body would normally have shed over the course of nine months if the amped hormones hadn’t prevented it–but my receding hairline told a different story. I can now talk about it in the past tense, however, because it is starting to grow back after what felt like an eternity and I’m crediting that in part, to the Kérastase PARIS Fusio-Dose treatment I recently had done at The Loft salon on Queen Street here in Toronto. Fusio-Dose is an in-salon treatment that is tailored to your hair and its specific needs. To pinpoint what those needs are, exactly, the stylist takes you through a series of questions on the accompanying computer app and based on your answers, it determines which of the 20 combinations of four concentrates and five boosters your hair needs! But let me rewind a bit. I was to go to The Loft at 663 Queen West (at Queen and Bathurst) for my treatment, and before I arrived I had that sort of nervousness that always comes along with trying a new salon (anyone with me on that?!). The charming interior and warm welcome on behalf of the extra-friendly staff, however, immediately put my mind at ease. They even asked me if I wanted a glass of wine, which was a nice touch because hey, I have two kids and time to myself like this is precious–why not make it feel a little more special than the average salon visit? I also loved the cozy eclecticism of the place including custom stations built by the owner, Sylvie Prud’Homme’s, husband, a lit Christmas tree, and the impressive plate wall.

The Loft salon

The (cute-as-can-be) Loft

Plate wall at The Loft

The plate wall–owner, Sylvie Prud’Homme, has collected them on her travels or has received them as gifts from friends and clients.


Sylvie did my treatment and I appreciated her fun, sweet demeanour–not to mention, her kick-ass scalp massage! One thing that was made apparent in our chit chat, is that she is sympathetic to moms, even welcoming them with babies in tow! All the fun I was having aside, I was there for a reason and that was to try out the new Kérastase PARIS Fusio-Dose formulations. After going through the questionnaire portion together, Sylvie determined that because I had brought density up as a problem, that she would combine the Concentre Densifique with the Booster Brilliance because my hair is coloured and tends to lose shine at the ends. I’m not going to show you a picture of my once receding patches bursting with baby hairs (you’ll have to take my word for it!), but since having the salon treatment (that stays active through several shampoos),  I have noticed that my hair also feels stronger. Now that my hair loss problem is on its way to being nipped in the bud, I look forward to going back to The Loft to try a different Fusio-Dose combination. If your hair is in need of a re-charge, I would highly recommend putting it (and yourself), in the hands of Kérastase PARIS and the wonderful stylists at The Loft!

The Loft

663 Queen St W, Toronto

416 868-0202

Before Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose

BEFORE my Fusio-Dose treatment.

Kerastase PARIS Fusio-Dose

DURING (with Sylvie working her magic).


AFTER–loved these huge curls!
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