My love affair with black

Images of neatly coordinated capsule wardrobes have been flooding my Instagram feed lately, and as suffocated by “stuff” as I have been feeling, they make me wanna purge, purge, purge. While I haven’t been whittling down to capsule standards, I have been working over my closet in short spurts, trying to adhere to a Kondo-esque motto and tossing those things that no longer “bring me joy”. This round, though, I can definitely say that I am doing so with a better sense of what my style is (as opposed to even a year ago). One of the major trends that has emerged as a result of my ruthlessness is that, aside from the odd blush or mustard article, I don’t like much colour in my wardrobe. I mean I already knew that, of course, but for some reason I’ll still go ahead and buy that colourful printed blouse knowing that I’ll hardly wear it. Every. Time. I guess I sometimes feel bad about wearing a lot of black like it’s my civic duty to be a more cheerful asset to the city streets or something. And maybe because I have kids. Adding to my self-consciousness is the fact that when I showed up to JK pick-up in a look similar to the one I’m wearing here, one mom said, “I love it–it looks like you’re ready to rock!” I know she was being nice but ironically, dressing in head-to-toe black does set you apart in that crowd and I felt a little uncomfortable. Anyway back to my newfound fascination with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I love it because it means amassing less stuff, which also means that I could buy better quality pieces since I’d be buying fewer of them. I’d also be able to actually slide the hangers in my closet along the bar instead of having it function like a no-heat iron (but one that puts creases in instead of removing them). Plus I like the idea of contributing less to the cycle of fast fashion in an effort to ease up on the footprint I leave as a consumer. And finally, getting dressed would be a BREEZE! I’m thinking mine would be mostly black. I want to try it but have this blog after all and by the very nature of the beast, I have a lot of clothes and shoes. But I think seeing how someone puts their capsule wardrobe to work in real life might be interesting fodder for a blog. I’ll keep you posted…
All black outfit

Gap jeans and cropped tee (recent) | Zara jacket and boots | Forever 21 hat (recent)

Black wide brim hat

Black jeans

All black outfit

Black outfit

All black street style

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2 comments on “My love affair with black
  1. Elaisha says:

    OMG! Your jacket is amazing. I’ve been wearing a lot of darker pieces lately too…

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