Quality vs. quantity

…Is something I’ve always struggled with. My pulse quickens when I’m up against bargain prices, which is why my closet is a virtual parade of outfits that have enjoyed little more than one night stands, destined to end up in next year’s giveaway pile. And sunglasses are no exception. This summer alone I’ve purchased 5?, 6?, 7? pairs in novelty shapes and various colours, only to find that as the summer nears its end, so too does the life of my cheap shades. I don’t own any expensive glasses but not because I wouldn’t like a pair. It’s my uncanny ability to scratch/break/lose them that keeps me trolling the accessories aisle of Forever 21. Needless to say, my poor, ill-protected eyes jumped at the chance to try a pair from GOWOOD Sunglasses. Not only are they aesthetically interesting–all glasses are made from wood, as the name suggests–the price point is middle-of-the-road but for good quality glasses, and they are ecologically sound because you’re not contributing to the heap of plastic waste when you’re through with them.  

I’m wearing the aviator-style ‘Memphis’ glasses here and my husband is wearing the ‘Vancouver’, made from pressed Canadian Maple for a cool multicolour effect at the sides. Plus the polarized lenses proved to be especially useful on our summer vacation at the cottage. 


GOWOOD Memphis glasses c/o | Zara poncho and sandals | ae jean shorts


GOWOOD Vancouver sunglasses
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