The devolution of cutoffs (when you become a mom/after 30)

Did I even write that? Over 30? Joke’s on (me? you? them?) because I’m well beyond the age where style goes to die. Just look at any fashion magazine that does a breakdown of What to Wear in your Twenties, Thirties, and Forties. Thirty persists as some sort of benchmark whereby sequins are over, clothes become a means of camouflaging “problem” areas, and the very worst affront, cutoffs become long, “boyfriend” jean shorts. Now don’t get me wrong–there’s a time and place for the longer, boyfriend-style cutoff. I even own a couple of pairs (of course–I’m over 30!), but I prefer the look of a ragged, ripped cutoff that doesn’t go down to my knee, and not to mention, a pair that better suits my short-legged proportions. I like my jean shorts short, ok? But I’ll stop before visible butt cheek becomes an issue if you stop judging me while I languish splash pad-side in my high-waisted-but-short jean shorts. I’m exxagerating (I’m probably imagining most of those sideways glances), but if cutoffs are the venerable summer uniform, then why is everyone else here wearing capris? And it’s not a body thing. I don’t have thin legs by any means and would probably still look eight months pregnant if not for my new BFF, the Belly Bandit (more on that later), but there are some moms out there who are hiding killer bodies under those ill-fitting utility capris. So please, ladies, I entreat you. You wore them and loved them in high school. Join me in taking back the cutoff for women over 30.

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