On Parading my Big, Pregnant Belly all over the Internet

For the most part, pregnancy is a time of bolstered self confidence for me. I love it because I can pull off all of those form fitting midi dresses I’ve been wearing–and even my bikini–without worrying about muffin-top or a taught tummy like I do 24/7 in my regular, non-pregnant life. In my experience, during pregnancy all of my perceived, more nuanced figure flaws are forgiven and the focus shifts front and centre–to my burgeoning baby belly. I love having the freedom to wear things without feeling self-conscious that being pregnant affords. But then I enter the third trimester and that starts to go out the window. Gone is the cute “bump” from second trimester and replacing it is a beach ball-size-but-bowling ball-weight tummy that looks like it could use the support of a small crane. My husband and I, both clocking in at modest heights, make big babies, go figure. I try not to let the size of my belly deter me however, and I’ve soldiered on (heroic, I know), in my midi dresses that are now just a little tighter and shorter than they were a couple of months ago. And people have been so nice and positive, stopping me in stores to tell me that they like my outfit or to comment on “my glow”. It has been a really wonderful experience to share something that is so personal and to get such positive feedback on my blog as well–not to mention that the companies I work with in my role of brand ambassador have been so amazing in the fact that they embrace my pregnancy (even though none of them focus on maternity wear–thank you Le Chateau and Sanuk!) But despite it all, there are those moments of self doubt that wash over me before I push the “publish” button on a blog post that showcases a belly that’s bigger than it was even just one post prior. Then you read stories like this one, about drop-dead gorgeous, pregnant meteorologist, Kristi Gordon, who continues to receive hate mail from viewers criticizing everything from the size of her belly–and bum–to her maternity wardrobe choices despite her asking viewers to be kind this time around based on the similar hate mail she received when she was pregnant the first time. Admittedly there have been times when I have walked into a crowded restaurant, past a table of good-looking men or gorgeous, impeccably dressed women only to feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment for my giant belly. I usually catch myself but at the same time I think about how we’re actually not that far away from times when women who were “in a delicate way” didn’t traipse around in skin-tight overalls and heels but in fact, endured a period of “confinement” (For the sake of decency? For the respect of those around them?). I’m not sure I get it. As my pregnancy winds down (only five more weeks to go!), I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered a kind comment to me whether in person or through social media. It has really helped me deal with the weight gain, swollen feet, and excessive sweating (gross, but true), in a positive way!  


H&M Conscious Collection tee (men’s) | Zara jeans (similar) | Marshall’s fringe bag (old but love this) | Forever 21 boater hat (similar) | Le Chateau slides | TOMS sunglasses


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One comment on “On Parading my Big, Pregnant Belly all over the Internet
  1. Sabrina says:

    You look fabulous! Your outfit is very boho chic. I adore that fringe bag.
    So exciting that you only have a few weeks left to go.


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