You'll Be Amazed At What This Bag Can Do

I recently had the opportunity to check out the new line of bags from TOMS. I’ve always been a fan of the brand because of their One for One initiative and the other ways they are making a positive impact in the 70+ countries they give to, but their newest project really hit close to home. For every bag purchased, TOMS gives a birthing kit to a pregnant woman in Haiti, Bangladesh, Ethiopia or India, which have the highest infant mortality rates in the world. “That’s great”, I thought, but was stopped in my tracks when I saw how humble the birthing kit actually is. The kit includes a clean surface on which to give birth, a bar of soap, gloves, and most importantly, an umbilical cord clamp and a sterile blade, which reduce the risk of introducing tetanus into the umbilical stump. 


The contents of one of the humble, yet life-saving, birthing kits that TOMS’ Giving Partners distribute to women in need.

The kits alone are not enough, of course, and TOMS Bags purchases also aid in training skilled birth attendants who, along with the kits, can provide safer births to women regardless of the facility. With the training and proper materials to provide a safe delivery, mothers are 80% less likely to develop an infection and almost half of newborn deaths can be prevented. (Source: UNFPA, 2015). As you can imagine, this is in stark contrast to the attention, time, and care that goes into giving birth here in Canada where women have the luxury of making “birthing plans” and then giving birth with state-of-the-art equipment and drugs at their disposal. Seeing the supplies that these women rely on makes me think back to the prenatal classes I took the first time around, with a bit of embarrassment for all the superfluity we discussed–Should you hire a doula? What will your partner’s role in labour be? What should you pack in your hospital bag? And although I haven’t packed my bag for the hospital just yet, one thing I do know is that it will be a TOMS Bag! 


Some of the new TOMS Bags set up at Capezio on Bloor St. here in Toronto.


One of my favourite bag from the collection.

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2 comments on “You'll Be Amazed At What This Bag Can Do
  1. Leslie says:

    isnt that sad that’s all it takes to help save lives?

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