Stripes and waves

I’ve always had a thing for mariner stripes and (understated) nautical details so I snapped this dress up when I saw it on sale at Zara. I love it because it has long sleeves, making it doable for right now and it works as a maternity dress as well. As for the waves, I’m a talkin’ ’bout my hair. I love that undone, beachy, piecy, wavy look but it has proven to be harder to achieve than I expected. I have naturally curly hair that I blow dry straight and then straighten with a straightening iron once or twice a week. All of that processing makes it hard to put texture back in and using water is out of the question because, hello frizz. So this is what I’ve figured on lately: before bed I braid my hair in a halo braid, then I “pancake” the braid, which is an ingenious trick that makes your braid look super thick. Then I spray on some sea salt spray (any brand will do), and sleep on it. In the morning I simply undo, and then add a few curls with a 1 inch curling iron (leaving ends out for more undone curls), to even everything out. Then I spray on a bit more sea salt spray and scrunch it to mess it up a little. I’d love to know any of your tricks to get a piecy beach wave look!


Zara dress (similar) | Forever 21 coat (sold out, similar) | Le Chateau booties


My best attempt at wavy beach hair.




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2 comments on “Stripes and waves
  1. Anne says:

    Your hair looks amazing! And I love the dress.

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