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March 2014

Wardrobe Remix

Affected by the malaise that has gripped this country owing to the seemingly unending cold, I find myself in a foul mood every morning when it’s time to get dressed.

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Green shoes

So today we’re experiencing another of glimmer of warmer weather, which is great because the sun is melting all of the snow from the freak snowstorm mid-week. I’m celebrating with

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Casual layers

On a perpetual hunt for basics to layer under jackets/sweaters, etc., etc., I was thrilled to find this simply stated, “style”ish graphic tee at Costa Blanca. Here it’s the base

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Sometimes I just feel like wearing the simple combo of jeans and a blazer. I wore some old skinnies with a new jacket (another find from the everything-for-$5-clearance-sale at Target

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