Thank goodness for fun winter layers

…Because this weather SUCKS! Viggo and I are basically stuck inside all day. There are only so many indoor activities to do with a toddler in this city and we’ve exhausted most of them! Last week after a few days putting puzzles together and making Lego houses, cabin fever set in. I had the idea to walk a few blocks with him to Indigo for a change of scenery and while it was tolerable outside when we left, by the time we set out for home, the wind had picked up and there were a couple of times when it ripped his stroller right out of my hands. In short, it was scary and unpleasant and all I have to show from our harrowing ordeal is windburn on my cheeks (I should mention that between his 7am Enfant bunting bag and his stroller canopy, Viggo was completely shielded).

Difficult outings aside, this weather also makes getting dressed a bummer made better only by a couple of recent outerwear acquisitions including the leopard topper I’m wearing here. I wore it with a flannel plaid shirt and my new Rich & Skinny boyfriend jeans, which I love! I had been looking for distressed jeans in the perfect fade for a while. Plus I love the cut of these–relaxed but not sloppy like my first generation boyfriends. I (necessarily) accessorized with an eggplant beanie and heels (NOT necessary but I promptly replaced them with boots once the photos were taken!) I love the clash of the leopard with the plaid and how the combo just seems to work. Another winter look down, a few more weeks to go! Right?


Zara coat; Joe Fresh shirt; Rich & Skinny jeans; Nine West heels; Smart Set necklace







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2 comments on “Thank goodness for fun winter layers
  1. Emma says:

    Kiddos don’t know how good they have it, being pushed around in a sleeping bag all winter!
    xo Emma

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