(Faux) Fur Detail

Considering yesterday’s post featuring my Deal of the Century sweater from Joe, I feel like maybe this whole week should be devoted solely to fab finds from the Joe Fresh clearance racks. I got this scarf last year after Christmas for something scandalous like $2.94! I love it because it adds an interesting layer to an otherwise super simple look and for the very reason that I ONLY PAID $3 FOR IT, PEOPLE! ! I receive a ton of compliments on my bargain basement find and I always respond, “Thanks! It was $3!” Mr. Hunter thinks I should play it a little cooler and not be so quick to admit my super discounts, but I disagree. I work hard for these bargains and I love to talk about them. Bargain-hunting is the great equalizer. I’ve met a lot of people in discussing a good sale because everyone loves a deal!


Joe Fresh scarf; Smart Set blouse; AG jeans; Zara booties; Philip Lim for Target bag; leather jacket from Florence





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