If you remember my post about competing for fashion , you know that I had all but given up on fighting the crowd for the disproportionately small number of garments/baubles available each season at the launches of H&M’s and Target’s annual designer collaborations. That is, until I got wind of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target. Since the moment the affordable collection of bags and runway highlights was announced, I knew I’d have to become one of the purse-grabbing, garment-snatching slaves-to-fashion I had grown to dislike. But slave I was. Although the morning of the sale saw us (me and my middle sister), serendipitously home in Niagara (where we would have far less competition–Phillip who?), for our youngest sister’s bridal shower, I still forced her and my mom into the chilly, morning air at 7:15 am where we remained the first and only people in line until about 7:45 when we had 12 people behind us. As soon as the doors opened I couldn’t help it, I broke into a slow run (which subsequently developed into a full gallop), and rushed, wide-eyed into the store looking for the rack of bags. As if in slow motion, I heard my sister say, (que scary, deep, slow-mo movie voice), “ooooooveeeerrrr theeeeeeere”, and I pounced in the direction she was pointing. I managed to procure the only black bag in the bunch along with those we had previously decided upon. Then it was onto the clothing. Disappointingly the Niagara store didn’t get the leopard sweater or blazer I was after but they did get the “Boom” sweatshirt, which was also on my list. I grabbed it and took off for the change room, feeling only slightly bad for the girls I had left in my clothing-crazed wake, standing empty-handed in front of the rack now holding only a few of the mini satchels in taupe–obviously NOT what they had come for. Our collective conscience couldn’t handle their disappointment and had us doing an initial weed-out after which, we tossed the crowd one of the coveted large totes. But it was all for not because at that very moment, a buggy overflowing with the sought-after bags appeared at the head of the aisle like a mirage. The poor salesgirl steering the mountain of bags was mobbed but at least everyone who had waited in line seemed to find what she (and one he), had come for.
It ended up being a fun morning and most importantly, me, my mom, my sisters, and our BFF were outfitted with #philliplimfortarget bags. Plus, it’s not every day my family gets to witness my fashion crazy (and they can bring their own crazy too, I might add).
Anyway here’s me wearing my hard-earned sweatshirt with a pair of cropped trousers and high-contrast black and white shoes and bag to really drive the comic theme home.


Phillip Lim for Target sweatshirt; Costa Blanca trousers; Aldo booties; Material Girl bag





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