Doing my best Bardot

I often find that I’m in a hair rut. Not really so much a rut, I guess–I just mostly like my hair one of two ways and that’s it: down and straight or down and wavy with the occasional top knot thrown in. I don’t know when my hair routine became so rigid. I always admire the variety of hairstyles that other girls embrace–half up, half down, intricate braids, head pieces, etc.–and finally decided that I needed to mix it up a bit! Here I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a bouffant, wrapped ponytail a la Brigitte Bardot, but have yet to achieve that same (desired) degree of messiness. I’ll keep at it though. I love me a voluminous ponytail! The shirt I’m wearing is a cute, little peplum from Winners. I love the polka dot net detail. And my makeup is Pixi Beauty. Their Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare has become my summer go-to lippy with just a hint of colour and long-lasting conditioning.


Winners top



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