Hello again, old friend

It feels good to be writing a new post. I had such a busy week last week–but I’m not complaining. I am glad to be amping up my freelance work! Looming deadlines plus the unfortunate weather however, meant no photos and no blogging. But this weekend we had some down time, which we spent having a pre-Father’s Day celebration here in Toronto and an official FD celebration in Niagara. To fete Mr. Hunter and my FIL (and my own dad long-distance), I wore another old friend (see how my title was a double entendre of sorts?), this hi-lo floral dress that I purchased at Winners last summer. This time around, I paired it with some spiky, metal accessories–including my new Baby Bullet ring from Niki & Lola–to temper the floral print. I also scraped my hair into a high pony, which I never do but liked for the weirdly cool, humid day.


Winners dress; Zara belt and shoes, Alimonada necklace; Niki & Lola and vintage serpent rings; Expression and vintage bracelets





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