Brights and neutrals for a day about town

This weekend we had the rare opportunity to just hunker down at home in Toronto and enjoy spending time with each other while doing “city stuff”. On Friday might we stayed in (and nerded out by catching up on Game of Thrones episodes), and then Saturday we headed out in the afternoon for some fresh-cut flowers from the Toronto Flower Market. To be specific, I wanted peonies because I love their feathery huge-ness and I never seem to have my act together to do an arrangement while they’re in season. But this year, at long last, I got my hands on a bunch. That evening I tested out my sister’s new built-in patio furniture (that she and my BIL made!), with our bestie, Kim. The three of us hadn’t been together in weeks so some wine and lots of chatting was in order. Plus there’s something about a bird’s eye view of this city of mine that just makes me happy. It was a great night! Yesterday we met some friends in beautiful Sherwood Park and Viggo was thrilled to have a playmate for the day. Throw some gelato and a (cold) swim into the mix and a wonderful weekend was had by all. The weather however, wasn’t very cooperative and most of the weekend was overcast and unseasonably cool so I put this simple, knit ensemble together for Saturday’s peony run. Nothing better for a gloomy day than cozy knits! I bought this stretchy skirt on sale at H&M recently for $5 and the neon yellow tee was $2.97 at Old Navy. My shoes–the most expensive party of my look–were $14 on clearance at Target, for a grand total of $22 (minus accessories)!


H&M skirt; Old Navy tee; Target sandals; Gap jean jacket; Marc by Marc Jacobs purse; Rachel Rachel Roy, Expression, and vintage bracelets; Alimonada necklace







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