I would die if…

…my husband walked through the door with any of these things to surprise me tonight! My ultimate Valentine’s Day wishlist. (Disclaimer: this is completely a pipe dream wishlist. Don’t sweat it Mr. Hunter!)

1. My penultimate Valentine’s wish, sartorially speaking, is for a faux fur cheetah-print coat. I love this one from Etsy shop, shopjujus. Wrong season you say? A coat like this has been on my wishlist for ages and while I’m looking ahead to spring when it comes to the rest of my clothing, I am stuck on this coat. And if I get it now, at least I’ll have it ready for the first sign of cold weather come fall!


My dream cheetah swing coat

2. Number two on my list is also clothing-related and I’m also behind the times on this one! I first wrote about the Maison Martin Margiela candy clutch here and I still don’t own one. I figured I’d just order one off eBay but a recent search returned disappointing results–there are very few of these sought-after clutches left even on the Internet…which would make it all the more meaningful knowing what the giver had to go through to get it, am I right? The fact that it’s a pink candy wrapper also makes it the perfect bag for V-Day!


MMM x H&M candy clutch

3. A pedicure. Now this one’s not so far fetched–and it’s not so much the pedicure that I’m after (although my feet are definitely winter-weary), but the glorious hour of time all to myself with a little bit of pampering thrown in. Ahhhh.

4. I have had my eye on a delicate bow ring like this one from Etsy shop, carpediemjewellery, for years. I don’t even think I ever told Mr. Hunter about it so it’s not like he’s been holding out or anything ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a “forget me knot” ring–the perfect Valentine’s sentiment!


Carpe Diem 14k gold rope bow ring

5. Now this last one is definitely a reach, but a trip to Jamaica would really make my Valentine’s Day swell. Ha ha. The island is definitely next on my “must visit” list (in terms of a tropical holiday, at least), and Mr. Hunter and I are due for a romantic getaway!


A dreamy Jamaican vista.

I should point out that while I’m writing this post, Viggo is running between me and his toys, doling out Valentine’s hugs and kisses and sharing part of his little gift from us–a box of Smarties and a book, the book being much less popular–with me. So yes, even without all the material things on my list, I’m having a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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