I wear my sunglasses at night


Very vintage sunglasses courtesy of Ziversa Godfrey

I was at my dad’s house last summer when I spied these glasses perched on his mother-in-law’s head. I told her that I liked them and Versa (the spryest nonagenarian you’ll ever meet), whipped them off her head and into my hands. This week has been their first real test drive and while I like their exaggerated shape, it’s hard to get used to the fit. The bottom of the frames press into my cheeks.
I’m also wearing my favourite new lip colour, Mac Viva Glam Niki, and that mass of hair on top of my head is courtesy of a sock bun. I am so in love with the trick that I’ve been using it since I watched a YouTube how-to demo last week.

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  1. Antonia says:

    Die Sonnenbrille ist großartig. Steht dir wirklich richtig gut.

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