The best kind of t-shirt


Husband’s Neil Young t-shirt; Betsey Johnson sunglasses; and Gap straw hat.
On Viggo: Gap v-neck t-shirt; H&M straw fedora

If you’re like me, when it comes to T-shirts you’re on a perennial hunt for The One. My search has taken me everywhere from stylemint to Joe Fresh, and while I’ve scored some tees that are on permanent rotation in my closet, I’ve yet to find a tee that boasts the perfect neckline and that worn-in, airy thin-ness, in a neutral shade. So the search continues, but in the meantime I have discovered a close second, or rather, I have my pick of about forty close seconds–every t-shirt in my husband’s drawer. They are all authentically worn-in–the perfect weight, which is something I rarely achieve in my own tees, tossing most of them aside after a season of wear. Careful to avoid the ones crested with bands who I know too little about to wear with confidence (I don’t want to be a poser afterall), many of Mr. Hunter’s t-shirts have found a permanent home among my wares. I wear them solo with cutoffs, under a blazer, or with more girly pieces like my floral palazzo pants or pink Gap skimmer jeans to give them a bit of an edge. So next time you’re in a t-shirt lurch, try raiding your husband’s/boyfriend’s/brother’s closet (unless they happen to be Nickelback fans in which case, ALARM, ALARM, ALARM!)

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