Lately I’ve fallen into the habit of asking Mike if certain outfits look too young for me before I walk out the door. He always furrows his brow and acts like I’m nuts for even considering the scenario–I think partly because he’s got an “age is just a number,” attitude, and partly because I’m two years younger than he is, so if I’m feeling self-conscious about my age, then he should be having an all out tantrum because his big 4-0 is on the horizon, (as in, it’s happening before

In the summertime, we basically turn into vampires around here, desperately adjusting hats and applying, then re-applying, broad spectrum or mineral sunscreen to protect our fair skin, the vulnerability of which, is one of the downsides to having red hair. While we go to great lengths to protect our skin, however, I’ll shamefully admit that when choosing sunglasses, the UV protection factor is never at the top of my mind. I buy decent sunglasses, but I didn’t even pay attention to whether my Ray Ban aviators offer 100% UV protection

As a kid, sneakers are an ipso facto part of your wardrobe and I was lucky because my parents always indulged my need to have the “it” shoe. (Practicality and the cool factor were equally important when you were talking to boys–while hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the school playground). Throughout the nineties, Tretorn Nylites, Adidas Stan Smiths (with a powder blue heel, specifically), and Authentic Vans formed the base of my looks (with an occasional cameo by my Bass Weejun Penny Loafers). But as I came

Left to my own (subconscious), devices, I’ll go about like a drone, busily amassing a wardrobe of same, same, but different; mostly neutral, mostly solid-coloured pieces that go with my jeans-and-a-tee aesthetic. But when I was watching tv a little while ago, there was a fashion tip that cut through the noise–and my apparent style rut: buy something new and noteworthy when confronted with a sale. Sure, buy your favourite jeans at 30% off, but also look for something that you don’t already have that will extend your wardrobe. Read:

As a blogger I get sent a lot of press samples. While I try/test/wear all of them, some become part of my daily routine, some I give away, some I write about, some I don’t. And then there are the ones that become an absolutely indispensable part of my life. Enter Phantom Glass. I was sent the sleek, tempered glass cover quite a while ago so I have had the opportunity to really live with it and I can’t see myself liking any other form of phone protection even close to

Last weekend I attended what was probably the swankiest wedding I have been to. It was streamlined and beautiful; the ceremony was at a gallery in the Distillery District followed by a reception at Archeo restaurant, which was just a short, cobblestone walk away–at golden hour, no less! It was in stark contrast to most of the clunky, supersized weddings I’ve been to (including my own). There’s something about having to feed 300 people that necessarily precludes elegance and turns a plate of passed h’ors D’oeuvres into a whole antipasto

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