Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, although by the time I hit “publish” on this post, I’m sure it will be! I posted a photo of these cookies, that have been an unofficial tradition in my family since I was little, on Instagram earlier today. My Mom used to make these with us so that we could take them to our respective classrooms on Valentine’s Day and I wanted to continue the ritual with Viggo. So we got down to it! The recipe is my grandma’s and it’s the ultimate recipe for

Well that was a nice, long break. I hadn’t intended to step away from the blog for quite so long, but the holidays happened and then I got an ear infection and then a big job change for Mike also happened, all of which, has kept me completely and utterly absorbed with family stuff—and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. After a couple of months of professional deadlines, it was nice to just take December and the first half of January to focus on Mike and

It’s that time of year again! We are a household of Christmas-lovers and I have almost all of my shopping done. Some people might think that means I’m ahead of the game, but what inevitably happens every year is that I leave the hardest gifts to buy, for last and despite my early start, I’m still one of those people rushing around at the eleventh hour. That also means I typically haven’t purchased anything for Mike at this point. Gifts for dad are a major head-scratcher around here and it

I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember—for myself, my sisters, my friends—the list goes on. Wardrobe consulting comes as naturally to me as breathing, whether it’s telling my sister to get rid of something or sending “you should buy this” texts to whomever I have spotted something for, I am a born style and shopping consultant. But it wasn’t until a mom-friend I chatted with at school drop-off every day, commented that she loved my capsule wardrobe blog post and “wanted everything in it but wouldn’t

I have a confession to make: even though I am a Canadian, born and raised in Ontario, I did not get my first puffer coat until last year, having always opted for wool coats instead. It wasn’t until my sister raised her eyebrow at my coat choice during one of those really cold February days we had the year-before-last (February 2015 is the coldest recorded month in Toronto ever!), that I broke down and agreed that maybe I should try a warmer coat—a puffer, to be specific. Well it took me

Yup. Usually in the fall I turn towards checks, tweeds and plaids, but this year, velvet is my jam. I fell in love with this skirt at H&M because if its colour and the fact that it adds some texture to my wardrobe outside of leather. If you like this skirt as much as I do, I noticed it was on sale for half of its original price when I linked it to this post so today is your lucky day! Sweater and skirt from H&M | Zara boots

I personally love this time of year—not only because of the crisp weather, the changing leaves, and the return to sweater weather—but the excitement in our household surrounding Halloween is at a fever pitch. Being six years old, Viggo is obviously the instigator (he has been tossing around ideas for what he’ll dress up as this year, since last October 31), but even at two, Gigi is starting to catch on. She hadn’t been that interested until a few weeks ago when she started talking a lot about the various

I’m sorry but why is everyone so thrilled about the extended summer we’ve been experiencing here in Ontario? It’s October—the season of pumpkin spice everything, cozy throws, comfort food, and it’s also the month that typically heralds sweater wealther. But instead of wearing all my favourite knits, I’ve been forced to dig deep into my summer wardrobe where the well of inspiration has run dry. Needless to say, I’m more than ready to trade in my tees and tanks for sweaters. My peak-level yearning for fall clothes got me thinking about

When I wrote my spring/summer capsule wardrobe post, I had actually spent a ton of time building mine and owned all of the pieces (or similar items), already. Fast forward one summer and because of our recent move from Toronto to Dundas, I have barely been shopping for clothes at all, and when I do go shopping, Homesense is my jam. I have, however, sussed out a few items I’m after (to mix and match with my current wardrobe, of course), and they play right into my usual, polarized taste in clothes.

My family and I are in the middle of a huge life change, having just moved from Toronto to Dundas. I do miss the density of the city (and my friends in my old ‘hood), but I don’t miss the crazy downtown traffic. A traffic-free three minute drive to school? Point for Dundas! Needless to say, everything is new; we’re first-time homeowners, Viggo started at a new school, my husband, Mike, now has a pretty significant commute to work each day, and I shopped for clothes at Walmart. That’s right.

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