It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time at the mall, so I take note when a store makes it a nicer place to be! The renovation of RW&CO.’s flagship location at Yorkdale, really enhances customers’ retail experience with a striking cash desk, fun, vintage-inspired merchandising, and of course, the clothes. Designed by New York firm, MNA, the new store boasts a wrap-around glass facade that invites shoppers into the store’s more functionally designed environments. Check out some highlights of my first visit, below! The new wraparound glass storefront.

We started using probiotics around here when, fed up with Viggo’s endless school-contracted illnesses (he’s had everything from cold, flu, stomach flu, to hand, foot and mouth disease, and even viral meningitis), I asked my friend, who also happens to be a naturopath, what to do. She told me she swears by probiotics and that her daughter (Viggo’s classmate), is rarely sick. Viggo (and Gigi and Mike and I, by association), were both going on what seemed like week 10 of the same cold (really), when I took her advice

Mike had the opportunity to join me in this Father’s Day campaign for RW&CO., and it’s so fitting because he’s such a natural (dad, I mean, but we also found out he can throw down a pretty fierce pose 😉 We built our looks around the brand’s selection of tops and are both so happy with our choices. Mine is a flowy jersey tank, which is a summer must in my books, because of its versatility. And Mike’s is this striped tee. A classic Breton striped t-shirt is one of

As I inch closer to my 40th birthday (it’s still a year and a bit away so I’ve got a little time), I am becoming pre-occupied with signs of aging (or maybe it actually has nothing to do with my mentality about turning 40, and everything to do with the fact that I am almost 40 and symptoms–I mean, visible signs of aging–are starting to come on fast and furious). I’ve got lots of greys (good thing my husband turns out to be pretty good at root touch-ups), and have noticed a

As we were on a rare family outing to Yorkdale the other day, Mike looked at one of the displays in a store window and said, “I don’t have enough stuff in one colour palette. None of my clothes coordinate very well.” Usually quick to commiserate, I had to stop myself because this spring I have really focussed on limiting purchases to a specific colour palette (light neutrals in denim/blue, cream, and nude), that not only work well together, but that tie into my pre-existing spring/summer wardrobe as well, resulting in

I’ve written a lot of posts about cleaning lately, which is apropos because, well, I’m a mom, and if you didn’t already know, being a mom means wearing that hat plus a hundred others that I, at least, hadn’t  thought about pre-kids. I wrote about how we hired a cleaning lady  a little while back, and I am so fortunate to have had so much of the burden of housework (and my mood!), lifted because of it. Our beloved helper (Gigi is in LOVE with her), comes and works her

When it comes to shopping, my MO used to be, see something that catches my eye and buy it, which is fine if you’re looking for a wardrobe of flash-in-the pan items that don’t fit together very well (read: a green metallic skirt, more pairs of destroyed jeans than I can count, a white flapper-style dress–you get the picture). So recently, I decided to fill in the holes left between the fun, statement pieces, with some much-needed basics. And the fashion powers that be are right–it is easier to get

A few months ago, having just come off a particularly arduous day of cleaning (of course Gigi would shorten her nap on the day I had set aside to clean the house that week), my mom-friend passed me the number of her cleaning lady while we waited for our boys at school pick-up. Intrigued, I took the little slip of paper–but with so much guilt you’d think I was buying elicit drugs in an alley somewhere. When I told Mike I had the number, he was all for it–most likely because he is

It’s World Water Day and I am proud to partner with Brita to get word out there about their campaign with Me to We to support a borehole in Irkaat, Kenya, that provides the local community with clean water. I can obviously get on board with the initiative and I love that it’s two-fold; not only does your purchase have an impact in Kenya, but by using Brita’s reusable statement bottle in lieu of a disposable water bottle, you are making an environmentally conscious choice that affects us all. So, stand

I’ve never been much of a suit person because I’ve never had reason to be. When I did work in an office, the dress code was pretty much non-existent, provided you dressed fashionably (I did PR for fashion brands),which suited me just fine. Before that, I worked for a non-profit arts organization so you know there was nary a suit in site. “You’re lucky,” my friends, who had to wear business casual every day, would say on shopping trips upon turning down my suggestions (“I can’t wear that to work,”

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